ARAD Cotton Ball, Swab, and Q-tip Storage Set, 1-Piece, 3-Compartments, for Easy Organization on Bathroom Counters, Under Sink Placement, or Vanity Tables

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Manufacturer Description

When it comes to bathroom or vanity table organization, some of the go-to items are cotton balls, swabs, and Q-tips. These items are components of basic hygiene and makeup application and not only need to be easily accessible but also need to be kept clean. Without the aid of an organizational container, these otherwise sterile tools could easily get lost or dirty, rendering them useless. With the 1-Piece, 3-Compartment Clear Bathroom Organizer Jar Set by ARAD, you can easily keep track of your cotton balls and swabs without getting them dirty. These acrylic jars are lightweight and portable for easy transportation and storage when not in use. Each of these jars comes with a clear, beautifully designed lid for added storage security. The jars come in three different sizes, which offers you versatility in storage capacity while simultaneously yielding aesthetic appeal. Unlike glass, ceramic, or crystal containers, these jars are resistant to breakage, so even if they are dropped or knocked about accidentally, they won't crack, splinter, or shatter easily. With the clear material of the 1-Piece, 3-Compartment Clear Bathroom Organizer, you can keep track of the contents at a glance, so it's a simple matter to know when you need to replenish your cotton ball or Q-tip supply. Fits easily on most countertops or vanity tables and can also be placed in out-of-the-way places like the cabinet under a sink. Because they are clear, you can place them in almost any room with any color scheme or existing decor and it won't clash or overpower it.

Product Features

LIGHTWEIGHT ACRYLIC PLASTIC - Unlike ceramic, glass, or crystal dishes or trays, the 1-Piece 3-Compartment Clear Bathroom Organizer is light and more resistant to breakage and shattering. While other materials will chip or shatter when dropped, these extremely lightweight acrylic containers won't splinter or break if they happen to slip out of your hands while you are carrying it. VERSATILE DECORATIVE POTENTIAL - The crystal-clear material of the organizer allows it to work well in any existing decor. Because of its colorless materials, the 1-Piece, 3-Compartment Clear Bathroom Organizer Jar Set is a perfect addition to existing decor or color schemes. It's subtle, so the containers won't clash with or overpower the room, yet it's strong enough to make a statement as well. COMPACT STORAGE - This bathroom organizer is compact, protecting your makeup and hair accessories without taking up too much space on the countertop or table. With this tasteful, crystal-clear container in your bathroom organization arsenal, you can tastefully take charge of your own space and keep track of all your things. BEAUTIFULLY ELEGANT DESIGN - This simple bathroom organizer jars are beautifully designed with clean lines and tasteful lids. With the minimalistic, elegant design of the 1-Piece, 3-Compartment Clear Bathroom Organizer Jar Set, it is easier than ever to keep track of your cotton balls, swabs, and Q-tips, keeping them clean and in one convenient place that is tastefully decorative at the same time. EASY, OPEN ORGANIZATION - With the open round design of the 1-Piece, 3-Compartments Clear Bathroom Organizer Jar Set by ARAD, you can easily keep track of everything at a glance. Rather than rummaging through a box or drawers to find what you need, you can easily locate what you need just by sight and you're all set. This not only helps you locate items easily but keeps them clean and sanitary, too.

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